Lebherz ’08, MLL, Discusses Olive Oil in Baltimore Sun

By: Magazine Editor
Sep 24, 2012

Maggie Lebherz ’08, modern languages and linguistics, was featured in a recent Baltimore Sun article about the evolution of olive oil. The owner of an olive oil shop in her native Frederick, Md., Lebherz shared her thoughts on the way the public has embraced the versatile oil in their cooking.

Read the full article in the Baltimore Sun.

Lebherz also shares her recipe for lemon olive oil cake with wild blueberry icing.

In an interview with UMBC Magazine in Fall 2011, Lebherz explained how she decided to pursue her business, Lebherz Oil & Vinegar Emporium (LOVE), and how she fell in love with olive oil while visiting Salamanca as an exchange student:

“Tasting fresh olive oil added an entirely new dimension to it, and I also learned about the health benefits of olive oil,” she says. “I had never had true balsamic vinegar, and even the best ones on the market here could not compare to what I had in Spain.”

Read the UMBC Magazine story here.


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