Laura Hussey, Political Science, in The London School of Economics American Politics Blog

Published: Oct 14, 2013

In a recent article published in the London School of Economics American Politics and Policy Blog, Political Science Assistant Professor Laura Hussey argues public antipathy toward undocumented immigrants can play a significant role in shaping social welfare policy among Democrats.

Laura Hussey

The article, “Antipathy toward undocumented immigrants risks fracturing support for social welfare among Democrats”, was jointly written by Hussey and University of Rhode Island Assistant Professor Shanna-Pearson-Merkowitz. It argues Republicans tend to broadly oppose social welfare programs, but Democrats’ support for the same programs can depend more on the specific groups of people they benefit.

“A key lesson of this research for American Democrats is that forging a consensus on social welfare expansions within their own party may require taking into account public antipathy toward undocumented immigrants,” the article states. “While public projection of anti- (illegal) immigrant sentiment onto social welfare programs may not totally derail expansion, as the health care reform experience also shows, it is likely to constrain policymakers’ options and to result in both delays and drama.”

You can read the full blog post here.

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