Kathy Scales Bryan, American Studies, in the News

Published: Nov 15, 2011

Kathy Scales Bryan, American studies lecturer, recently commented on a California politician’s daughter who has publicly split with her father on a controversial issue.

Briana Bilbray, the daughter of Republican Congressman Brian Bilbray, recently came out in support of medical marijuana dispensaries and extoled the drug’s therapeutic benefits for chemotherapy patients. Briana is currently in remission from melanoma.

Children of politicians often are brought up to put the public persona ahead of their private lives, Bryan said .

“The understanding within a family is that that’s where you could take care of your needs that can’t be taken care of out in public,” she said. “What being in politics does is take that private place and turn that into a kind of commodity that has to be produced on a public stage.”

The story, “Bilbray’s daughter at center of med pot debate,” appeared on the Sign On San Diego website on November 12.

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