Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education, Chesapeake Bay Journal

Published: Sep 27, 2012

In the October, 2012 issue of the Chesapeake Bay Journal Karl Blankenship writes:

“Farmers in the Potomac headwaters will get help restoring stream buffers that improve coldwater fish habitat. Landowners in Pennsylvania’s Franklin County will be encouraged to convert turf to forest. And on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, workers will remove a dam and restore floodplains to open 13 miles of high-quality habitat for imperiled river herring and American eel populations.”

Blankenship goes on:

“Some projects go beyond restoration and seek ways to accelerate the implementation of runoff controls. For instance, a $324,000 project by the Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education [CUERE] at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, will install pervious pavement at the Maryland Science Center as a demonstration project as well as explore institutional barriers to such innovative stormwater practices and how they can be overcome.”

The principle investigator on the CUERE grant is Stuart Schwartz. 


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