Bob Provine, Psychology, sheds light on yawning, hiccups and other curious behaviors

Published: Jul 8, 2013

In a recent Chicago Tribune article, UMBC’s Bob Provine explained the origin and meaning behind some of our most curious behaviors. From the contagious yawn to the annoying hiccup, Provine unravels the mysteries of these often embarrassing, uncontrollable instincts in hopes of shedding new light on our evolution as a social animal.

“It’s your body, and you like to think you’ve got it under control,” says Provine. “But underneath the calm exterior lurk unruly instincts and urges that are struggling to escape, putting you at risk of embarrassment or ridicule.”

You can also hear Provine discuss his research in a June interview on WCBM’s radio show, The Medical Hour.

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