Artist Almon '02 To-Do Tumblr Hits HuffPost

By: Magazine Editor
Jan 17, 2012

January 16 post on My Daily Journal Thing by Tanner Almon ’02, visual arts

Tanner Almon ’02 has a lot on his plate, and everybody knows it.

That’s because the visual arts alum runs multiple blogs and Tumblr feeds chronicling his life, his photography and poetry — and pretty much anything else that strikes his fancy. The Huffington Post interviewed the Brooklyn-based artist this week about “My Daily Journal Thing,” which literally lists a daily to-do list and accompanying drawings each day.

HuffPost Arts: You have a lot of different projects on your website, what are you most passionate about? Photography or film?

Almon: I don’t know anymore. Film is where I started (at least it’s what I went to school for), but once I graduated and had no money I started taking photos and I really like that now too. Tumblr’s cool because I realized I really like writing off the wall stories and poems about my photos, if you look at So I don’t know, I really just like telling the stories in my head, it doesn’t really matter anymore if it’s photo or video or just written in a journal.

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