Above the Fold – UMBC Men’s Basketball Makes History

Published: Jun 8, 2018
(Dan Rather UMBC Cinderella quote)

As the world fell in love with UMBC, news outlets around the globe and across the internet fell over each other trying to come up with the most dazzling headlines. Everyone wanted to ride the UMBC wave. These are some of our favorites:

Virginia becomes first No. 1 seed to lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament in an upset by UMBC
Washington Post

March Madness: U.M.B.C. Makes NCAA History by Beating No. 1 Virginia
New York Times

The No. 16 Seed U.M.B.C. Topples Virginia in a Historic N.C.A.A. Basketball Upset
The New Yorker

UMBC signe l’exploit du siècle dans le tournoi NCAA
L’Equip (France)

Remember when we trended worldwide on Twitter?

Even the United States Surgeon General, our alumnus Jerome M. Adams ’97, biochemistry and molecular biology, got in on the fun via Facebook:

“Who has two thumbs and an un-busted NCAA bracket? This guy!!! And don’t judge me on my oversized shirt. It’s from the 90s and things were different back then – baggy was in style, and I was stylin’.”

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