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Erin EdwardsResearcher of the Week:
Erin Edwards

Meet Erin...
She is an Ancient Studies and Anthropology double major. Her summer research took her to Alba Iulia, Romania, an archaeological excavation of a Roman temple dedicated to the god, Mithras. Mithraism was known for its mysterious practices in the Roman Empire.

Her research for this project included a review of current scholarly literature on Mithraism and visiting the National Museum of Alba Iulia where many local Mithraic artifacts are kept. She noted types of artifacts in Mithraeums specific to Alba Iulia; further, she learned a great deal about Roman Mithraism through archaeological excavation. Records of Mithraic practices were rarely written down, thus the archaeological excavation was crucial to my research because most of what scholars know about Mithraism is derived from archaeological excavations.


Read more about her research here...

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