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Deborah Silver Undergraduate Researcher UMBC

Researcher of the Week:
Deborah Silver

Meet Deborah,
She is a Physics major and an URA Scholar. She is also a TA for cell biology, a peer health educator, and a member of the Stilettos (UMBC’s all-female a capella group). She is also an assistant in the Physics labs: 111, 112, and 122L. Her future plans includes pursuing her Ph.D. in biophysics and eventually go to medical school.

Her research takes her to the stars. Astronomers usually assume that the magnetic field and relativistic electrons in the lobes of powerful radio galaxies observed by radio telescopes are in energy equipartition. However, there is no physical argument to support or refute this distribution and no observational test that can be applied to an individual radio galaxy to evaluate it. The goal of her research will be to determine under what conditions the assumption of equipartition holds.

Read more about Deborah here...

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