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"The creative process and original performance are research that advance the field of music."

~ Dr. Joseph Morin, Associate Chair, Department of Music

Interesting research created by Music students:

Meet a student researcher:Melissa Cowhurst

Benefits for Music students:

  • Work with a faculty member
  • Experience hands-on research
  • Reinforce classroom learning
  • Prepare for work or graduate school
  • Travel to national conferences or festivals
  • Receive grant funding
  • Publish independent research
    • A Young Voice in the Shadows: Perpsectives on the Origins of the Tube and Commentary on the Modern Instrument.

    David Bell III. UMBC Review Vol.2.

    • An Introduction to Musical Tuning and the Historical Temperaments.

    Liesel Kloetzli. UMBC Review Vol.3.

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For more information:
Janet McGlynn at or 410-455-5754