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Theses by UMBC philosophy majors:

  • Danielle Albrecht '13, 'Indexical Actuality’ (Advisor: Jessica Pfeifer)
  • Michael Young '12, ‘Irrationality without Division: Mechanisms of Irrationality and the Fractured Mind’ (Advisor: Steve Yalowitz)
  • Jason Parkins '13, ‘Kant’s Refutation of Idealism’ (Advisor: Michael Nance)
  • Jennifer Marks '11, ‘Realism, Anti-Realism and Possible Worlds’ (Advisor: Jessica Pfeifer)
  • Matt (Glenn) Eller '09, ‘Multiple Realization and Mental Causation’ (Advisor: Steve Yalowitz)
  • Peter Andes '13, ‘Demanding Too Much: Supererogation, Prerogatives, and Constraints'’ (Advisor: Steve Yalowitz)

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