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General Education

UMBC's General Education Program provides students the opportunity to expand the life of the mind by developing life-long habits of thought and intellectual interests. The course requirements for General Education allow students to explore a variety of academic disciplines and to acquire and apply skills and competencies essential for a well-educated citizen. They also provide the foundation for effective writing, which is necessary for all fields of study.


Course Review Guidelines

General Education Public Statement

To carry General Education credit a course must be submitted to, and approved by, the General Education Committee (GEC).

To submit a course

  • Log into myUMBC
  • Go to Topics
  • Select Teaching and Learning
  • Under faculty options, click GEP Review
  • Locate your course on the list
  • Click Edit
  • Complete the form provided and submit

If the course is new, i.e., was not in the 2014-2015 catalog, it will not appear on this list. To begin the process of approval for such a course, e-mail Dr. Marilyn Goldberg, Chair of GEC, or Jill Randles, Writing Board, for assistance. You will need to provide the course number, title, catalog description, number of credits, and any pre or co-requisite courses.