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New Student Book Experience
Program Reviews

"These students are starting all over again, and the readings will be a catalyst to get discussion started, make new friends... Also, this is the beginning of a new intellectual level on a different plane."
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What students and faculty say about the Book Experience

  • Students:
    • “Even though I placed out of English 100 with my Advanced Placement Test scores, the new student book experience gave me the opportunity to find common ground with new students I did not know. It was a good conversation starter and kept my mind engaged over the summer.”
    • “Participating in the New Student Book Experience provided me with an opportunity to engage in the "academic culture" of UMBC and to connect with new students and faculty.”
    • “I participated to learn a broader range of ideas about the book from fellow students and faculty.”
    • “I read The Starship and the Canoe and I had some difficulty understanding it. I attended because I wanted to get a better understanding of the book with my Woolie group.”
    • “I attended the Book Discussion because I thought it would be interesting to read a book that everyone else did and have something in common to talk about with everyone.”
    • “I thought that this would be a great way to get back into the swing of things in relation to school. It was informative and helped clarify parts of the biography that I didn’t understand.”
    • “I participated because I read the book and I thought it was very good. I wanted to share my opinions and hear others also.”
    • “It helped me get acquainted with class discussions. Great experience!”
  • Faculty and Staff Facilitators:
    • “Each year I have enjoyed the experience and I enjoy learning form the student, and hearing their perspectives and seeing a glimpse into their world.”
    • “Please allow me to be a facilitator again! This was a privilege and I cherished it!”
    • “It was a very intellectual discussion that really got the student to think about not only the subject matter of the book, but about them as well. I feel it was a very good interaction for students to meet other new students, as well as a good way to get their minds ready for the heavy workload coming with this new fall semester. I highly enjoyed my discussion group.”
    • “I think this program is a good idea and has lots of potential to be a good experience for students and facilitators, as well as in creating a sense of campus community.”