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Solicitation for 2016 New Student Book Experience

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In recognition of UMBC’s 50th anniversary on September 19, 2016, the New Student Book Experience will expand its horizons to encompass a broad community of readers: new students; current faculty, staff, and students; and more than 65,000 UMBC alumni.

We are now actively soliciting nominations for a book that we can read together as a UMBC community.

For this special year in the New Student Book Experience, we are looking for a work that resonates with our five decades as a research university. The book should speak to the broadest possible audience – possessing relevance for the alumni who were new students in 1966 as well as for the graduating class of 2020, who will matriculate in September 2016.

The campus book for 2016 could be a book of historical significance to the era of UMBC’s founding that has continuing relevance today; it could be book that looks at a broad arc of history or culture or ideas that encompasses the 1960s through today. We are especially interested in works that offer a chance for rich discussion (and a possible author or participant event), and opportunities for relevant performance or other artistic expression.

The book we select should also be consistent with UMBC values and traditions and the established criteria for New Student Book Experience selection. We invite you to explore those standards at

Sonia Nazario

Nominations may be made online at, through the paper form, or via e-mail.

For best consideration, please submit nominations by Friday, March 13.
Final deadline for nominations: Tuesday, March 31.


For More Information:
Jill Randles
Assistant Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education | (410) 455-3715