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Theatre at UMBC is a total immersion into the art's theory, literature, and history; its physical expression; its cultural achievement; its artistic excitement. Here students develop theatre skills guided by an internationally acclaimed faculty, whose work in the classroom and on the stage has resulted in six appearances at the American College Theatre Festival at Washington D.C.'s Kennedy Center. 

Read quotes from our students below and explore our FacultyNotable Alumni,Merit ScholarshipsCultural ResourcesRecognitionArts at UMBC andProduction Gallery pages to see just some of the reasons why so many talented students haven choosen to study theatre at UMBC.


“The audition process for the acting program was unlike any I've experienced. During my audition, it was clear that my auditors' focus was on my potential as an actor, and that I was not just another program applicant to be reviewed. It was an energizing experience and I left knowing more about my craft than I did going in, even before being accepted into the program."

McKenzie Bowling, Current Acting Student, Linehan Artist Scholar

“UMBC is open to exploring many forms of theatre. I received training and exposure to the great modern playwrights, performance art and Shakespeare. Because of such a large scope for a small department, it encouraged me to keep my mind open to the many different performing options when facing decisions in my career."

Carolyn Spedden, Acting ‘83
Artistic Director, Maryland Renaissance Festival

“The UMBC theatre faculty is wonderful. I couldn't ask for better advisors or mentors. I feel that they genuinely care about their students. They are approachable and will give you help if you want help."

Sarah Beth Cassel, Acting '03

“My acting and literary training alone has prepared me for various jobs from teaching, casting and directing, public relations, guest lecturer and dramaturg. The expectation placed on students in the program prepared us not only as actors and technicians but directors, teachers, dramaturges and lawyers."

Tamerin Dygert, Acting '93
Dramatrug and Casting, Hippodrome State Theatre (Gainesville, Fla.)

“My education in the UMBC theatre department taught me to be a well-rounded theatre artist, not just a performer. My ability to adapt to the fast-paced business environment of a major movie studio originated in the insistence of UMBC's theatre faculty that I develop and nurture all aspects of a professional life in the theatre, not just the glamorous parts ."

Steve Moore, Acting '88
Director of Legal Affairs, Twentieth Century Fox Corporation

“The faculty is always available to students for advice and suggestions and provided praise when deserved and criticism when needed. Many of the skills I learned are still part of my daily life, whether acting or dealing with people in business. The training was very encompassing, providing opportunities for students to participate in all areas of theatre."

Karen Costanzi, Acting '92
Producer/Researcher/Writer for a Television/Movie Production Companyl

“In the theatre department I learned not only what to do, but how to assess a system of production, look at areas that need attention and to jump in to solve problems as they arise. This allowed me to move on to film and television production, traveling to locations around the country and working on such projects as "Thelma and Louise," "The Doors," "Heat," "Anything But Love" and "Dharma and Greg."

Ross Harpold, Acting and Technical Theatre '82
Film and Television Set Director and Psychotherapist