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Important Dates

Session I Session II
4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks
Registration begins March 6
Last day for visiting students to apply for summer admission May 24 July 5
Last day students will be automatically enrolled in classes from waitlists May 26 July 7
Session begins May 30 July 10
End of Schedule Adjustment: June 2 July 13
Last day to add courses
Last day to drop a course without a grade of “W” on transcript
Last day to change grading method from or to Audit
Last day to change grading method from Pass/Fail to Regular
Last day textbooks can be returned for a full refund June 5 July 14
*Last day to drop individual courses with a grade of “W” June 16 June 27 July 7 July 27 July 27 August 7
*Last day to change grading  method from Regular to Pass/Fail June 16 June 27 July 7 July 27 July 27 August 7
*Last day for “Complete Semester Withdrawal” June 20 July 3 July 18 August 15 August 1 August 15
Session ends June 23 July 7 July 21 August 18 August 4 August 18
Completed grade rosters due to the Registrar June 27 July 11 July 25 August 22 August 8 August 22
Transcripts updated June 29 July 13 July 27 August 24 August 10 August 24

*After June 2 (Session I) or July 13 (Session II) submit a myUMBC Help Request to the Registrar’s Office to request these schedule changes.

Campus Closure Policy

If classes are cancelled due to a university closing, the official make-up day is the first Saturday following the cancelled class. Instructors may also choose to reschedule classes on an alternate make-up day. Sign-up for e2Campus, and emergency alter text-messaging system that notifies subscribers of any campus-related emergency (such as a potential safety hazard or campus closure).