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General Education Requirements and Waivers
Financial Aid
Taking Classes at Other Institutions
Academic Policies


When can I register for the next semester?

  • Registration is dictated by your registration appointment date, which is based on the number of credits you have completed to date
  • You can see this date located in your myUMBC account or by clicking here
  • Reminder: prior to registration, you must receive advising clearance from your advisor
  • Click here for "How to Register" guide.

How do I change my major, add a second major, or add/remove a minor?

  • Submit a signed Declaration of Major/Minor/Certificate form.  Follow these steps:
  • Download, complete, and sign the Declaration of Major/Minor/Certificate form.
  • Submit your form through the UMBC RT Help system.  Open a new UMBC RT Help ticket by logging in to myUMBC and clicking "Request Help" from the "Help" drop-down menu.  Click "Registration" under "Classes & Grades" then attach your completed form.

General Education Requirements and Waivers

Do I have to take a foreign language and, if so, to what level?

  • Yes, you must complete a foreign language through the intermediate level (NOTE:  at Montgomery College, the 201-level qualifies as intermediate).

Does American Sign Language qualify as a foreign language?

  • Yes.

Are there any language waivers or exemptions?

  • If you passed four years of a single foreign language in high school, send your high school transcript to UMBC to receive a waiver of the foreign language requirement.  There are additional opportunities for international students to demonstrate proficiency.  Click here and download "Language Proficiency for International Students" for more information.

Where can I get more information about the CLEP exam?

  • Click here.  Students should review the Appendix II of the UMBC Catalog to learn which tests and scores will be accepted prior to registering for an exam.  The UMBC CEEB code for CLEP is 5835.

Where can I get more information about the NYU exam?

  • Click here. Students should review the Appendix II of the UMBC Catalog to learn which tests and scores will be accepted prior to registering for an exam. A list of testing centers is available here.  One possibility is the University of Maryland, College Park Testing Office.  Appointments should be made at least one week in advance by e-mailing or calling 301-314-0319.

What qualifies for a Physical Education (PE) waiver and how do I apply?

  • There are four types of PE waivers available: 

                     1.  Age:  30 years of age or older at the time of initial enrollment at UMBC

                     2.  Military Service:  Six months of active service = 1.5 physical education credits

                     3.  Documented medical condition or disability
                     4.  Collegiate Athletic Participation:  1 year = 1.5 physical education credits

  • All PE Waiver requests require a written memo requesting the waiver with supporting documentation (see here for a sample and documentation details).  Email the memo and supporting documentation to Mr. John Jancuska, Supervisor of Physical Education, at


How can I graduate with honors?

  • To be eligible for UMBC graduation honors, students must complete at least 45 credits at UMBC (excluding institutional credits) prior to the semester in which they are graduating.  Degree candidates whose cumulative GPA at the time of graduation (which is before final grades for the current semester are posted) is between 3.5 and 3.7499 receive the degree Cum Laude; between 3.75 and 3.9499 receive the degree Magna Cum Laude; between 3.95 and 4.0 receive the degree Summa Cum Laude.

Can I "walk" in the upcoming commencement ceremony if I am just a few credits short of completing my degree?

  • FOR SPRING 2015 GRADUATES ONLY: UMBC allows students to "walk" in the commencement ceremony if they are within eight credits of the required 120 credits; however, students must register for those remaining credits during the immediate winter or summer session.  (NOTE:  Students will not receive diplomas and will not have officially graduated until all university requirements are satisfied.)  Please note important update below.
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of Fall 2015, students will not be allowed to "walk" at graduation unless they are on target to complete all requirements (including the 120 academic credits) by the end of the semester that they intend to graduate. Students taking courses outside of UMBC must have submitted a Verification of Transferability form (VOT) for any outstanding classes so that UMBC knows about these classes and can count them towards graduation. In addition, transcripts for those courses taken at outside institutions must be sent back to UMBC with final grades as soon as they are posted.

Where do I get my cap and gown for graduation? Do I have to go to main campus?

  • Approximately six weeks into the semester, you will begin to receive emails referencing the purchasing of your cap and gown, which must be bought new to be eligible to walk in commencement. This information will come from the bookstore on main campus and reference ordering in person in Catonsville.
  • However, there is an online option to order your cap and gown. You will receive an email from UMBC-Shady Grove administration with details on that process once available. You do not need to go to Main Campus to purchase your cap & gown.

How many tickets do I receive for my friends and family to attend commencement?


  • For Fall commencement, you will receive four tickets per graduating student. The only way to receive more is to obtain them from another graduating student who may not be using all of their assigned tickets.
    • Please note there is a viewing room on campus where additional friends and family can view the ceremony.
    • For Spring commencement, there are no tickets. Seating is open as it is held off-campus at a larger venue. Graduating students are welcome to invite as many guests as they would like.
    • For more information on commencement, visit

It has been more than eight weeks since graduation and I still haven't received my diploma.  What should I do?

  • Check your Degree Audit on myUMBC and verify that everything is listed as "satisfied."  If anything is not satisfied and you think it should be, please do the following:
  • Confirm that you submitted all required forms, including final transcripts from any other institutions.
  • Confirm that you have no outstanding charges on your account.
  • Contact your academic advisor to inform him or her of the issue.
  • Submit your issue through the UMBC RT Help system. Open a new UMBC RT Help ticket by logging in to myUMBC and clicking "Request Help" from the "Help" drop-down menu.  Click "Graduation" under "Classes & Grades" then describe your issue in detail.
  • Remember, diplomas are not distributed at the commencement ceremony.  The process of mailing diplomas may take up to eight weeks after graduation.

Financial Aid

My financial aid counselor needs documents to verify information for my FAFSA. What do I do?

  • Any documents needed for financial aid verification can be brought to the UMBC wing in Building III. UMBC-Shady Grove Program Coordinators (in offices III-4159 and III-4157) can assist in verifying and submitting the documentation to your financial aid counselor.

Who is my financial aid counselor?

  • Your financial aid counselor is assigned by last name. Please click here to view the listing.

What is UMBC’s FAFSA Deadline and Code?

  • UMBC’s FAFSA Deadline is February 14.
  • Our code is 002105
  • For more assistance with the FAFSA, click here.

I got a green card in the mail mentioning something about my aid refund. What do I do with this card?

  • Do not throw this card away, as it is needed to set your refund preferences.
  • Click here for step-by-step instructions
  • Shady Grove students are strongly encouraged to select the “existing account” option


When will my bill become available? When is my bill due?

  • Click here for UMBC’s E-billing schedule.

What payment options are available? Can I pay at Shady Grove?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot take payments on-site at UMBC-Shady Grove
  • Please see the many payment options here.

Taking Classes at Other Institutions

I plan to take a course at another institution and want to make sure that the course transfers properly and I earn the appropriate credits.  What should I do?

  • Submit a signed Verification of Transferability (VOT) form at least two weeks prior to taking the course.  Follow these steps:
  • Download, complete, and sign the Verification of Transferability (VOT) form.  (NOTE:  if you will be within your final 30 credits when taking the course, you must also check the "Residency Waiver permission" box)
  • Submit your VOT form through the UMBC RT Help system. Open a new UMBC RT Help ticket by logging in to myUMBC and clicking "Request Help" from the "Help" drop-down menu.  Click "Registration" under "Classes & Grades" then attach your completed VOT form.
  • The processed VOT form will be returned to your UMBC email account within one week of submission.  It will indicate (a) whether or not the course will transfer for credit and (b) what requirements it will satisfy.  It will also indicate if your residency waiver request has been approved.  If you have any questions, bring the returned VOT form to your academic advisor.
  • After taking the course and your final grade has posted, send an official transcript to the UMBC Office of the Registrar (1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250).
  • Review your Transfer Credit Report and Degree Audit in myUMBC 4-6 weeks later to confirm that the course transferred properly.  Contact your academic advisor with any questions or concerns.

I took a course at another institution prior to enrolling at UMBC but it does not fulfill the requirement I thought it would and/or I did not earn any credit for the course.  What can I do?

  • Submit an Evaluation of Transfer Credit form to request a review of your course(s).  Follow these steps:
  • Download and complete the Evaluation of Transfer Credit form.
  • Submit your Evaluation of Transfer Credit form through the UMBC RT Help system. Open a new UMBC RT Help ticket by logging in to myUMBC and clicking "Request Help" from the "Help" drop-down menu. Click "Registration" under "Classes & Grades" then attach your completed form.
  • Notification of the outcome will be sent to your UMBC email account within 3-4 weeks of submission.

Academic Policies

How many times may I repeat a single course?

  • Students may not register for a course more than two times.  Students are considered registered for a course when enrolled after the end of the schedule adjustment period.  Students may petition the Office of Undergraduate Education for a third and final attempt of a course taken at UMBC or another institution.  An attempt is defined as enrollment in a course or its equivalent at another institution in which the student has received a grade or an official withdrawal.  This includes credit by exam or withdrawal from the entire semester/session.  Students should consult with an academic advisor for additional restrictions or policies regarding repeated courses.