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Academic Advising at UMBC starts with an Orientation Advisor specifically trained to help you with securing a strategic course schedule to launch your academic career. However, once you begin your study here at UMBC-Shady Grove, you will then have the opportunity to work with a faculty member and/or professional advisor affiliated with your chosen academic discipline. Please see a list of advisors per program listed below:





Dr. Andrew Nolan, (Program Director)

Dr. Melissa Blair,

Political Science

Dr. Sunil Dasgupta, (Program Director)


Dr. Diane Alonso, (Program Director)

Dr. Donald Knight,   

Dr. Karen Watkins-Lewis,

Mr. Caleb Grabowski, 

Social Work

Ms. Jeanette Hoover, LCSW-C,

Ms. Katie Leiser, LCSW-C,

Ms. Katherine Morris, LCSW-C, (Program Director)

Dr. Laura Ting,







Dr. Steve Miller, (Graduate Program Director)
Dr. Sheldon Broedel, (Associate Graduate Program Director)


Mr. Behnam Shariati, (Assistant Graduate Program Director)

Geographic Information Systems

Dr. Erwin Villiger, (Program Director)

I/O Psychology

Dr. Ted Rosen, (Program Director)



Important note: While one faculty member or professional advisor will provide registration clearance for you each semester, we encourage students to seek additional academic and career planning from various members of the UMBC academic and administrative community. High-Performing UMBC students gather information, recommendations and guidance from a host of faculty, advisors and administrators- keen to help them maximize the opportunities and resources available at UMBC. Additionally, we encourage students to actively pursue conversations and meetings with academic advisors, faculty and staff throughout the entire academic year. Advising sessions about registration are certainly important, yet on-going conversations and planning about graduate school, independent study, and/or gaining entry into a particular profession can (and should) take place at various times and in various formats (including email, telephone, etc.). 

If you have questions or concerns about advising services, please contact Tim Cox, Assistant Director of Advising and Student Success, at or 301-738-6281.