Getting Help & Support

Voices Against Violence (VAV)

Rina Rhyne, Coordinator for Voices Against Violence Program
410-455-3748 |

The Voices Against Violence program seeks to create a safe and supportive community for women and men. The program provides two key services:

  • to address several aspects of sexual and domestic violence from an educational and preventive approach,
  • and to further a coordinated collaboration with all members of the university community to respond and educate about every aspect of sexual violence.

The Voices Against Violence Program is designed to address issues around domestic or relationship violence, sexual assault, and other forms of person-to-person violence including stalking, sexual harassment and others. There are three components of the Voices Against Violence Program:

  • Education: The Voices Against Violence Team educates the campus community about healthy relationships, avoiding dangers, and being proactive in stopping violence.
  • Training: The Voices Against Violence team trains campus leaders on the proper protocal of reporting violent acts on campus and follows all Jeanne Clery Act reporting requirements.
  • Victim Assistance: Members of the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Response Team are available to meet with students, staff or faculty who have experienced an act of violence and would like additional resources.