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Student Judicial Programs

UMBC is strongly committed to an academic environment that supports the humanity and dignity of all persons. As such, any behavior, which threatens that principle, shall be subject to serious sanctions. In this regard, any physical or sexual assault or other act, which threatens the safety or well being of other persons, shall be viewed as extremely serious and subject to the most serious sanctions, including suspension or dismissal from the University.

Under the Code of Student Conduct, the following behaviors, among others, are prohibited: acts, or threats, of physical assault or abuse; sexual assault or rape (e.g., date, acquaintance or stranger); violence; threatening behavior; failure to cease repetitive unwanted behavior directed toward a particular individual or individuals; and, sexual harassment or misconduct. In addition to adjudicating alleged violations of these and other rules and sanctioning those found responsible, Student Judicial Programs can support victims of crimes of violence through:

  • issuance of No Contact Orders
  • restrictions which limit an alleged offender’s ability to come to your home, work, or classroom
  • referral to other on- and off-campus resources.


Student Judicial Programs
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