Getting Help & Support


The UMBC Relationship Violence Prevention Advocates program, sponsored by a Verizon Foundation Grant, is a comprehensive program designed to educate the UMBC Community on specific relationship violence prevention information. The program will include a) a dating/relationship/intimate partner violence prevention communication campaign b) enhanced online relationship violence prevention resources on specific UMBC community websites, and c) relationship violence prevention advocates training. The goals of the program are to systematically raise awareness and support for a campus to be without relationship violence and create an environment that encourages victims of relationship violence to come forward and receive support. Specific components of the program include:

  • Relationship violence prevention education and training for volunteer students, faculty and staff advocates who represent various groups and populations on campus. These advocates will help to educate the campus community through their networks on relationship violence prevention and serve as referral sources for those who have experienced or are impacted by relationship abuse/violence.
  • An awareness raising educational campaign, featuring a year-long poster, digital signage and speaker series targeting relationship violence prevention.
  • Outreach efforts to connect community members with on- and off-campus resources for individuals who have been affected by relationship violence. These educational and informational resources will be made available on widely used University websites, including counseling services, health services, student judicial programs, and the womenÕs center.