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We invite you to learn first-hand from UMBC students and alumni about their experiences preparing for and entering professional school.

Uzoma Anele
Biological Sciences, 2009
UMBC helped me build the strong science foundation I will need during my first two years of medical school.
Beatrice Digen Beatrice Digen
Biological Sciences, 2007
Soon after I arrived at medical school I realized how well UMBC had prepared me for my current studies.
Ashley Francois Ashley Francois
Biological Sciences / Minor in English Literature, 2009
UMBC did a great job of preparing me for my studies at UMB. The Biological Sciences courses covered much of the same material that is covered in dental school.
Simon Gray Simon Gray
Chemical Engineering, 2008
When I began at Yale in medicine I found that, once again, UMBC’s academic rigor and challenging coursework prepared me well.
L. Latey Jones L. Latéy Jones
Biological Sciences / Minors in Sociology and Africana Studies, 2009
My ability to learn and solve problems in a group setting, where a diversity of ideas and perspectives are being exchanged, stemmed from my experience at UMBC.
Priya Mathews Priya Mathews
Biological Sciences and Psychology, 2009
UMBC is a great place to start your biology career and you will be more than ready for medical school when it comes.
Joon Park Joon Park
When I came back to UMBC to begin my prerequisite courses, I was nervous but soon found that the instructors were very committed to teaching and their first concern was the student’s understanding of the material.
Sasan Salimian Sasan Salimian
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2009
The Advising Office does a wonderful job assisting students with every aspect of preparing for professional school.
Erica Smearman Erica Smearman
Biological Sciences and Psychology, 2008
The biological courses at UMBC were very thorough and have been incredibly helpful in my medical school coursework. UMBC was also a great resource for getting involved in extracurricular and volunteer activities.
Rose Wilson Rose Wilson
Biological Sciences / Minor in Psychology, 2010
UMBC’s intensive science programs gave me both the knowledge and the study and comprehension skills necessary for the Anesthesiology Assistant Program after graduation.
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