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Volunteer Opportunities

Student Recruitment and Outreach

We are always looking for parents and alumni to serve as admissions ambassadors for UMBC. As a volunteer in this capacity, you can personally share your experiences with prospective students and their parents. Receptions and college fairs are held throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. You can also assist via phone or on campus at New Student Day in April. To volunteer for one or more events, please contact Lori Smith Watson, associate director of Admissions, at (410) 455-2272 or via email at

Career Opportunities

UMBC graduates are among the best and brightest in the workplace. The Career Development Center provides numerous services to help employers connect with our quality candidates. If you are looking for a new graduate or an established professional, please contact Lorie Logan-Bennett, assistant director of the Career Development Center, at (410) 455-2216 or via email at

Internship Opportunities

UMBC students need hands on experience in the workplace. Internships are structured, part-time work experiences of 8 to 10 hours a week for a semester or summer. Students can choose to work in public, private or non-profit sector organizations throughout the Baltimore-Washington region. Interns may or may not be paid, but can always choose to earn academic credit connected to their experience. If you can provide an internship, please contact Michele Wolff, director of work and service learning programs at The Shriver Center, by calling (410) 455-2493 or via email at


If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact the appropriate staff member or sign the Parents Information Form and we will be in contact with you.