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The Tutor Training Program

The LRC/SSS tutor training program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). The CRLA is a professional organization that conducts and supports research on the effective practices of college and university learning assistance programs. The LRC/SSS tutor training program holds "Regular/Level 1" and "Advanced/Level 2" certifications. The CRLA certifications identify the LRC/SSS program as one that has adopted standards associated with effective tutoring programs. The LRC/SSS program is among the 650 programs to be certified nationwide. LRC/SSS tutors who complete each training level will also be awarded certification for each level.

The LRC/SSS tutor training program is offered as two half-semester courses, EDUC 313/314, for academic credit in coordination with the Department of Education.

This course is an overview to and application of the theory-based techniques and methods of tutoring. Students will learn the roles of the tutor and the tutee and how the interaction of these roles promotes effective tutoring and learning. Areas of emphasis include collaborative/interactive learning, communication skills for tutoring, successful tutoring sessions, varied learners and tutoring situations, and content/skill-specific tutoring. Active learning and participation are essential to course mastery. Students will model, practice, evaluate, and develop tutoring techniques individually and in groups, and apply the learned principles and strategies in the LRC/SSS tutoring programs. The curriculum will enable student-tutors to develop confident, flexible tutoring styles that empower tutees to become confident, self-reliant learners. The course will also emphasize the positive impact that tutoring has on the tutor's learning and personal development.

In addition to the information above, the following policy and practices underscore the importance of Tutor Training

All new tutors are required to complete Level 1 training by the end of the semester hired either by completing EDUC 313 or Level 1 Alternate Program. Both are offered fall and spring semesters. Please contact Cassie Bichy for more information

English 395: Tutoring Internship is the required Level 1 training for new writing tutors and is only offered in both the fall and spring.

Tutors hired in the latter part of a semester should follow the training guidelines set by their academic area coordinator.

The Level 2 and 3 programs are optional but highly recommended.

Tutors who complete the "Master/Level 3" training are encouraged to become paid tutor trainers.

Tutor salaries are based on a graduated pay scale according to the degree of training and experience, i.e,

  • First-time tutor with no experience or training, $8.25 per hour
  • Level 1 training and one semester of tutoring, $8.75 per hour
  • Level 2 training and two semesters of tutoring, $9.25 per hour
  • Level 3 training and three semesters of tutoring, $10.25 per hour

Pay increases are applied at the beginning of the semester after the training and tutoring requirements have been completed.

Any exceptions to the training requirements must be approved by an academic area coordinator.

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