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Learning is a matter of committing both time and energy to your studies. What does this mean? For every hour in class, you should be spending two to three hours studying. Some subjects may be more demanding than others. If you find one course harder than another, you must devote more time and energy to that difficult course. How do you commit more time and energy?

  • Are you taking too many courses?
  • If you are having difficulty with your courses because you aren't giving them all the time they demand, you have two choices: find more time or talk to an academic advisor. Ask about the advantages and disadvantages of dropping the course: loss of financial aid or health insurance, and the impact on immigration status or quality point requirements of the retention system.
  • If the decision to drop a course is reasonable for you, then there are two steps that must be completed:
    • First, you must contact your academic advisor.
    • Second, you must officially drop the course using myUMBC by 11/12/2013.

  • You have the time; you're studying hard. Yet, you're not doing well. You may not be using appropriate study techniques, and/or you may need tutoring:

    1. The Learning Resources Center, Sherman Hall, Room 345: tutoring and study skills consultations
    2. Biological Sciences Tutorial Center, BS 011: walk-in and appointment biology tutoring
    3. Chemistry Tutorial Center, Meyr 145: small group chemistry tutoring
    4. Computer Science Help Center, ITE 201E: computer science help
    5. Math Gym, MP 410: walk-in practice for math problems
    6. Physics Tutorial Center, Phys 226: walk-in tutoring for introductory physics courses
    7. Student Support Services, Sherman Hall, Room 345: tutoring, academic support, and personal counseling

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