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Placement Testing

The Math Challenge Test

The math challenge test is designed for incoming or current students who feel their original Math Placement Test does not reflect their abilities and would like to take the test a second time.

We do not use the highest score from each test when determining your placement.  By taking the Math Challenge Test, the student has declared that the first test was invalid; therefore, scores from the first test will no longer be considered. 


There are several very effective ways to prepare for this test.  The one that you choose depends on your personal preferences and learning style.


  • Review notes and textbooks from high school algebra and/or precalculus courses
  • Review commercially prepared review books on algebra and/or precalculus, usually can be found at your local library.
  • Review by visiting one of the many websites available for algebra and/or precalculus, such as Khan Academy.
  • Practice with our Sample Math Placement Tests (pdf)

The Math Challenge walk-in testing is held on the second and third day of the semester from 10am to 2pm in Sherman Hall, Room 345. You should plan at least 90 minutes to take the test.  With walk-in testing, we can score your tests as soon as you finish, and determine your placement.  The scores will be uploaded to your advising profile that day, so you can register for your classes that evening.

You can also test online, through a Blackboard site, anytime during the semester by contacting and typing Math Challenge Test in the subject line.

If you have questions please contact: Sam Riley or email

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