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LRC 101 is a course that has changed the lives of many students struggling with the academic and life challenges that come with the college experience. It will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, clarify career goals, learn valuable study skills, and take responsibility for your academic and life success. If you are wondering what you need to do to change your energy from struggling student to successful lifelong learner, this course can help you find some useful answers.


Here's a list of resources you can contact for help finding strategies to deal with your academic difficulties:

  1. Academic Advising, Academic Services 102: academic advising (x52500)

  2. Academic Resource Center, Academic Services 102: (x52729)

  3. Career Services, Math/Psychology 204: Offers career counseling for undecided students or students who may not be engaged with their major (x52216)

  4. University Counseling Services, Students Development and Success Center 118: free and confidential academic, personal, and vocational counseling (x52472)

  5. The Learning Resources Center, Sherman Hall, Room 345: tutoring and study skills consultations (x52444)

  6. Student Support Services, Sherman Hall, Room 345: tutoring, academic support, and personal counseling (x53250)

  7. Biological Sciences Tutorial Center, BS 011: walk-in and appointment biology tutoring

  8. Chemistry Tutorial Center, Meyr 145: small group chemistry tutoring

  9. Computer Science Help Center, ITE 201E: computer science help

  10. Math Gym, MP 410: walk-in practice for math problems

  11. Physics Tutorial Center, Phys 226: walk-in tutoring for introductory physics courses

  12. Residential Life Community Directors, Erickson 184: assistance with residential issues (x53932)

If you are participating in a mentor program, talk with your mentor(s) for ideas about academic strategies.

Links: Office of Undergraduate Education | Honors College | Meyerhoff Scholars Program | Sherman Scholars | Women's Center

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