Admission to the College

Helpful Hints for New UMBC Students Majoring in Computer Science and Engineering
Newly admitted students to the University are first advised and register at a specified Orientation Session. At that time, professional staff advisors work one-on-one with students to select courses for their first semester at UMBC. The process is very similar for first-year and transfer students, however, the transfer process can be more complex. For more information, visit Transfer Information. You may look at the UMBC Undergraduate Catalog for information about specific programs and classes.

There is a lot more to an engineering or computer science education than you will learn in your technical courses. Click here to learn more. [PDF]

Student Accountability

Professional staff and faculty advisors are committed to working closely with students to insure that all requirements for graduation are met. However, UMBC holds the premise that ultimately the student is responsible for making his or her own academic choices to meet the requirements for a UMBC degree and that the university system of advisement must support the student's freedom of choice and right to make individual decisions. The expectation is that a student is ultimately responsible for insuring that he/she is knowledgeable about current academic policies, procedures and requirements through use of the catalog, schedule of classes, departmental documents and meetings with his/ her advisor on a regular basis. In addition, students must accept responsibility for their academic choices, and, with the help of an advisor, plan their schedules understanding their social, academic and career goals.

Academic Integrity

The College of Engineering and Information Technology strictly adheres to the University Policy regarding academic integrity. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these policies.

The Advising Session
Students in the College of Engineering and Information Technology have daily access to advisors. In ITE 202 - 206 there are posted walk in hours during those time periods that do not relate to advance registration. In addition, students are always free to contact an advisor to set up an appointment.

During Advance Registration, students must come in to set up an appointment to see an advisor prior to registering. Sign up sheets are posted outside ITE 202 - 206. Students will receive notification on myUMBC of the date and time they will be eligible to register.  Before registering, the student must first meet with an advisor.  Students can access the date and time through the UMBC home page. Advisor clearance and any special permissions/clearances (i.e. permreq courses, financial holds) must be obtained before this date. Advisors expect students to come prepared for the advising session, and students are responsible for becoming acquainted with their advisor. At a minimum, students will have to see their advisor at least twice a year, but students are encouraged to utilize the knowledge and expertise of their advisor throughout the year.

Computer Science Students

Suggested Schedules for Computer Science Students

Admission to the Computer Science Program (Gateway Requirements)

Students who have little or no programming experience should take CMSC 104: Problem Solving and Computer Programming.

Students who have programming experience, are comfortable with their programming skills, and have placed into MATH 151: Calculus I should take CMSC 201: Computer Science I.

Students who have programming experience but do not have a solid math background should take the appropriate math course before registering for CMSC courses. However, if students want to take a computer science course, CMSC 104 is available and does not have a Math prerequisite.

Engineering Students

Suggested Schedules and Gateway Requirements for Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Students [PDF]
Suggested Schedules and Gateway Requirements for Computer Engineering Students--VLSI Track [PDF]
Suggested Schedules and Gateway Requirements for Computer Engineering Students--Communications Track [PDF]
Suggested Schedules and Gateway Requirements for Mechanical Engineering Students [PDF]

It is very important for all engineering students, in accordance with their Math placement or previous coursework, to continue with the Math sequence for their major.

The required courses in Chemistry and Physics should also be addressed as soon as possible, as long as the student has the necessary Math pre-requisite.

Additional Important Information for Transfer Students

Departmental Advising Sites

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering