About the Task Force

The USM Task Force on Diversity in Teacher Education is charged with the responsibility of proceeding with the recommendations set forth by the University System of Maryland in the document "Partnerships for Teacher Education: Report of the University System of Maryland Teacher Education Task Force" (1997/1998).  The Partnership document was developed in response to the proposals by the Maryland Higher Education Commission and the Maryland State Department of Education's Redesign of Teacher Education in Maryland (1995). 

The purpose of the Task Force on Diversity in Teacher Education is to provide leadership to Maryland schools, colleges, and departments of education (SCDEs) on issues of diversity, multiculturalism, and urban education in teacher preparation. The Task Force has developed a draft of standards for teacher educators in the areas of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, admissions, field experiences, mentoring, and faculty and student demographics as they relate to diversity and urban issues in teacher education.

The Task Force, comprised of representatives from K-16 institutions and the State, has worked together to develop a tentative set of outcomes and indicators over the course of a three year period. The draft standards reflect national and state diversity standards, specifically those established by NCATE, INTASC and the Maryland Education That Is Multicultural (ETM) Regulations (COMAR13A.04.05) adopted by the State Board of Education in 1994. Finally, the standards reinforce the ETM core competencies, which target in-service teacher professional development related to intercultural communication, prejudice reduction, establishing culturally supportive learning environments, designing curriculum and instruction for ETM and accelerating minority achievement, as well as testing, measurements and assessments for achieving equity.

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