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8/1/15 UMBC is a key partner in a new $12M NSF Urban Sustainability research project.

7/1/14 Prof Andrew J Miller of Geography and Environmental Systems has received a grant from Chesapeake Bay Trust entitled "Assessment of stream restoration impacts on urban sediment load and comparison with TMDL guidelines".  Claire Welty is co-PI and CUERE staff member John Kemper will be carrying out the bulk of the field work.

8/15/14 Led by Peter Groffman of the Cary Institute, UMBC is a collaborative partner in a NSF Coastal SEES award entitlted " Restoration, redevelopment, revitalization and nitrogen in a coastal watershed. "Claire Welty is PI and Andrew Miller is co-PI of the UMBC component of the effort.  USGS is also a collaborative partner.

5/1/14 John Kemper, CUERE staff member, has been accepted into the UMBC graduate program in environmental engineering as a part-time MS student.

12/16/13 Aditi Bhaskar has received a NSF Earth Sciences Post-doctoral fellowship to work with USGS in Reston, Virginia.

12/17/13 Stu Schwartz was featured on the Marc Steiner Show discussing his ideas about using radishes to break up compacted urban soils.

11/12/13 Aditi Bhaskar successfully defended her PhD dissertation.

10/28/13 Stu Schwartz is featured in the Baltimore Sun discussing the benefits of growing radishes to remediate urban soils.

10/7/13 CUERE welcomes new staff member John Kemper, Research Assistant.

6/15/13 Recent collaboration of GES PhD student Anna Johnson with the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services has focused on urban biodiversity and sustainability.  This program is coordinated by the Sustainability in Prisons Project ( Ms. Johnson began working with 13 volunteer female inmates at the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women in March 2013.  One project is a field experiment exploring how varying the functional and phylogenetic diversity of native plant species added to a community via seed additions, affects local species diversity, productivity and resistance to weed invasion. The results of this pilot project will become a chapter of Ms. Johnsonís PhD dissertation, and will also inform a larger experimental reclamation of vacant lots in Baltimore City, with the goal of increasing native plant biodiversity. The inmates have worked with Ms. Johnson to set up and maintain the experiment, as well as data collection.

1/2/13 Garth Lindner and Molly Van Appledorn,, PhD students in Geography and Environmental Systems, have received funding from Maryland Sea Grant toward their PhD research. 

10/1/12 Dr. Dawn Biehler, Assistant Professor in Geography and Environmental Systems, is a co-PI on a NSF  Coupled Natural and Human Systems grant entitled "Urban Disamenities and Pests: Coupled Dynamics of Urban Mosquito Ecology and Human Systems Across Socioeconomically Diverse Communities". This project will test whether urban social and economic decay and urban infestations of mosquitoes feedback upon one another and, if so, how to break this vicious cycle.  A link to the complete project summary can be found here

10/1/12 The Baltimore Ecosystem Annual Science meeting will be held on October 24-25.  Details can be found on the project web site.

8/28/12 Stu Schwartz, Senior Scientist at CUERE, has received a NFWF grant entitled "Green Infrastructure for Urban Landscapes (MD)"

8/23/12  Dr. Chris Hennigan has joined the Department of Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering as an Assistant Professor.  He holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Tech and recently completed a post-doctoral position at Carnegie Mellon in the Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies. Dr. Hennigan's research interests include air quality, atmospheric chemistry, and climate change. More detail can be found at his web site

9/1/12 David Lansing, Assistant Professor in Geography and Environmental Systems, has received a notification of a grant award in collaboration with UMD College Park from USDA entitled "Watershed Diagnostics for improved Adoption of Management Practices: Integrating Biophysical and Social Factors".

7/1/12  Dr. Andrew Miller (GES) and Dr. Upal Ghosh (CBEE) have both received promotion to the rank of full professor.

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