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Employment at UMBC


1. Program Assistant in Education - Urban Ecosystem Education

2. Baltimore Ecosystem Study, Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) position in Baltimore, MD
An outstanding undergraduate student in earth/environmental sciences (or related fields, including engineering) is sought to carry out research under the guidance of Profs. Joel Moore (Towson U.), Dan Bain (U. Pittsburgh) and C. Welty (UMBC) in Baltimore for the summer of 2014. This position is sponsored by National Science Foundation through supplemental funds to the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) Long-Term Ecological Research project. 

The student will conduct a geochemical weathering investigation from start to finish. The goal is to calculate the long-term geochemical weathering rates (>105 years) of ultramafic and amphibolite bedrock in Dead Run watershed, a long-term BES study site. The calculation of long-term weathering rates, as determined by changes in soil, saprolite, and bedrock geochemistry, is an important first step for determining the changes in geochemical weathering and elemental fluxes from watersheds impacted by urbanization such as Dead Run.

The student will gain experience in:
- Choosing an appropriate site for geochemical investigation using GIS and field     reconnaissance.
- Fieldwork, which will primarily entail collection of soil, saprolite, and bedrock     samples for geochemical analysis as well as installation of piezometers for     groundwater sample collection.
- Laboratory work to analyze the geochemistry of the soil, saprolite, and bedrock     samples using X–Ray Fluorescence.
- Writing results in the form of a short technical report.
- Presenting results at the annual science meeting of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study     in October 2014.

Qualifications: A cumulative GPA above 3.0 is required.  Students must be entering freshman through senior year in college as of summer of 2014.  Students having completed their bachelor’s degree, including expected graduation in May 2014, are not eligible to apply. Some prior experience working in the field or lab on projects related to hydrology, geology, or biogeochemistry is preferred but not required.  

Compensation: The stipend for this full-time position is $500 per week for 9 weeks.

Dates:  9 weeks, June 2 – August 1, 2014. 

How to Apply: To apply for this position, please email the following to Prof. Joel Moore at (1) a cover letter outlining your qualifications for this position; (2) your current resume including three professional references; and (3) electronic copies of unofficial college transcripts.  Hard copy applications will not be accepted.

Application Deadline: Applications will be considered immediately until the position is filled.

3. Graduate Research Assistant
One PhD student position is available for a NSF Water Sustainability and Climate project investigating the impacts of regional climate variability and patterns of urban development on the urban water cycle and nutrient export.  A PhD student interested in urban hydrology/modeling will work with Drs. Claire Welty and Andrew Miller at UMBC in Departments of Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering/Geography and Environmental Systems. The student will have opportunities to interact with collaborators at the Baltimore Ecosystem Study Long-Term Ecological Research project.  Interested applicants should contact Dr. Claire Welty at

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