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Office: CHEM 182A
Phone: 410-455-2527
Professional Interests
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Michael Summers
Ph.D. Emory University 1984; B.S. University of West Florida 1980
Lu, K., Heng, X., Garyu, L., Monti, S., Garcia, E. L., Kharytonchyk, S., Dorjsuren, B., Kulandaivel, G., Jones, S., Hiremath, A., Sachin Divakaruni, S., LaCotti, C., Barton, S., Tummillo, D., Hosic, A., Edme, K., Albrecht, S., Telesnitsky, A., Summers, M. F., “NMR detection of structures in the HIV-1 5´-Leader RNA that regulate genome packaging,” Science 334, 242-245 (2011), PMC3335204.
Summers, M. F. “Training the next generation of Protein Scientists,” Protein Science 20, 1796-1801 (2011), PMC3267944.
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