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Office: MEYR 366
Phone: 410-455-3427
Professional Interests
Research Group
Narsingh Singh
Research Professor
Post-Doctoral Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 1979; Ph.D. Gorakhpur University, India 1977

A list of the publications, presentations and internal reports is given here. Dr. Singh has published more Than 200 research papers in highly reputed international journals, and more than 80 papers in conference, presented more than 120 conference papers including more than 80 invited talks. He has written more than 200 trade secrets including 21 patents. He has been in editorial board of several journals and currently he is an Associate Editor of the journal Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization


Partial list of recent publication

 Laxman Singh, U. S. Rai, K D. Mandal and N. B Singh, “Progress in perovskite functional dielectric material CaCu3Ti4O12”,  J. Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization, 60, 15-62 (2014).

 U.S.Rai, Laxman Singh, K D. Mandal and N. B Singh, “ An Overview on Recent Developments in the Synthesis, Characterization and Properties of High Dielectric Constant Calcium Copper Titanate Nano-Particles” Journal of Nanoscience and Technology,  1, (1)1-17 (2014).

 N. B Singh, S. R Coriell, Matthew King, Brian Wagner, David Kahler, David Knuteson, Andre Berghman and Sean McLaughlin,  Growth Mechanism and Characteristics of Semiconductor Nanowires for Photonic Devices”, Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, 1 (2) 1-8 (2014).

 Narsingh B. Singh. Margaret Gillan, David House, Ravali Yanamaddi, Vishnu Razdan and  Bradley Arnold Effect of substitution and impurities on dielectric properties and resistivity of CaCu3Ti4O12 J. Emerging Materials Research 2, 6, 344-347 (2013)

 N. B. Singh, A. Berghmans, M. King, D. Knuteson, J. Talvacchio, D. Kahler, M. House,, B. Schreib, B. Wagner, S. McLaughlin, “Modification of interface anisotropy and its effect on microstructural evolution during ostwald ripening” Crystal Research and Technology, 18, 11, 983-988 (2013).

 N. B. Singh, David House and Bradley Arnold, Novel IR Detector Materials: Hyperstructure and meta morphology formation in heavy metal Chalcogenides, Journal of  Advance Materials  Manufacturing and Characterization, 3, 1, 2, 15-19 (2013)

 N. B. Singh, A Berghmans, D. Knuteson, J. Talvacchio, D. Kahler, M House, B. Schreib, B. Wagner and M. King, Evolution of microstructure due additives and processing, Ceramic Transaction,  235,  65-76 (2012).

 N. B. Singh et al, Selenides for Nonlinear applications, J. Emerging Materials  Research , 1, 185-200 (2012)

N. B. Singh et al, Performance of Novel Materials for Radiation Detection:  Tl3AsSe3, TlGaSe2, Tl4HgI6, J. Nuclear Instrumentation and Methods in Physics Research Section A  652, 183-185 (2011)

N. B. Singh et al, Characteristics of thick ZnSe films on quasi-phase-matched (QPM) GaAs substrates”, J. Crystal Growth, 312, 1142-1145 (2010)

 N. B. Singh et al, Quaternary AgGaGenSe2(n+1) crystals for NLO applications, J. Crystal Growth 312 , 1114 (2010).

N. B. Singh et al, Effect of AlN doping on the growth morphology of SiC, J. Crystal Research and Technology, 44, 9 903-909  (2009)

N. B. Singh et al, Optical probes of orientation patterned ZnSe quasi-phase-matched devices, J. Optical Engineering , 48(11), 114201 (2009).

 N. B. Singh et al, (SiC)x(AlN)1-x solid-solution substrates for high temperature and high power devices , Crystal Growth and Design,  10 (8), (2010) 3508–3514

 N. B. Singh et al, AOTF materials for hyperspectral imagers, Advanced Materials and Processes, September, 31-33 (2010).

N. B Singh et al, Effect of growth parameters on the morphology and resistivity of PbSe, J. Crystal Growth, 311, 1080-1086 (2009)

 N. B. Singh et al, Novel quaternary semiconductor materials; growth and characterization, IEEE  Trans. Nuclear  Sci. 56, 3 813 (2009).

 N. B. Singh et al, Development of Advanced Radiation Materials and Sensors, ES Technical Journal, 1, 4 , 53-64 (2008).

 N. B. Singh et al, Morphology of thick SiC epitaxial film grown by PVT method, J. Electronic Materials 37 (2008) 379.

 N. B. Singh et al, Operational characteristics of LWIR AOTF based multispectral imager, J. Optical Engineering Vol.47, 1, 013201 (2008).

 N. B. Singh et al, Crystal growth, fabrication, and design of mercurous bromide acousto-optic tunable filters; Optical Engineering,  46, 6, 064001-6 (2007). 

 N. B. Singh et al, Properties of NLO Crystals in THz Wavelength Region, J. Optical Engineering, 45(9), 094002-1 (2006).

N. B. Singh et al, Periodically Poled Materials for Long Wavelength Infrared (LWIR) NLO Applications, J. Crystal Growth, 274/1-2,  132-137 (2005).

 N. B. Singh et al, X-ray studies of langasite film grown by LPE, J. Materials Science Letters, 22, 1621 (2003)

N. B. Singh et al, Noncollinear optical parametric oscillator design for walk-off reduction in GaSe crystals, Opical Engineering 42/11, 3270(2003)

N. B. Singh et al, Physical vapor transport growth of large AlN crystals, J. Crystal Growth  250/1-2, 107(2003)

 N. B. Singh et al, PVT growth and characteristics of AlN single  crystals, Physics of Semiconductor Devices 1, 117 (2003)

 N. B. Singh et al, Microgravity experiment to understand the effect of convection on PVT crystal growth,  Adv. Space Res. 32, 211 (2003)

 N. B. Singh et al, Solutal convection during growth of organic NLO crystals, Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization, 44, 3 169 (2002).

 N. B. Singh et al, LPE Growth of langasite film for resonator and oscillators,  J. Crystal growth, 234, 660 (2002)

 N. B. Singh et al, GaSe: A novel and efficient NLO crystal for mid- and far-IR wavelength, Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Technology, 3463, (2001).

N. B. Singh et al, Measurement of thermal conductivities in lead bromide, J. Crystal Growth, 225, 512 (2001)

N. B. Singh et al, Growth of vanillin crystals for second harmonic generation (SHG) applications in the near-IR wavelength region, J. Crystal Growth, 225, 470 (2001)

N. B. Singh et al, Performance of TAS crystal for AOTF imaging,, J. Crystal Growth, 225, 124 (2001)