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Office: CHEM 475A
Phone: 410-455-2510
Professional Interests
Research Group
Richard Karpel
Professor and Acting Chair
B.A. Queens College, CUNY 1965; Ph.D. Brandeis University 1970
E. S. Yamane, F. C. Bizerra, E. B. Oliveira, M. Rajabi , G. L.C. Nunes, A. O. de Souza, K. Konno, I. D.C.G. da Silva, T. Yamane, R. L. Karpel, P. I. Silva Jr., and M. A. F. Hayashi, Unraveling the antifungal activity of a South American rattlesnake toxin crotamine, Biochimie, 95, 231-240 (2013).

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