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Professional Interests
Jayanta Ray
Ph.D. University of Calcutta, India, 1999

Publications which are submitted and under review are excluded from the list: (Last updated Feb, 2008)


J. Ray, N.Panja, P.K.Nandi, J. Martin and Wayne.E.Jones, Jr.

'Spectroscopic and ab initio study of an intramoecular charge transfer (ICT) rhodanine


Journal of Molecular Structure, 2008,  874, 121- 127.



S.P.Goswami, R.Mukherjee, J.Ray.

'Design and synthesis of a neutral fluorescent macrocyclic receptor for the recognition of

urea in chloroform'.

Organic Letters, 2005, 7,1283-1285.


R.Bhattacharya, S.Ray,  J.Ray, A.Ghosh.

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the solid state'.

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P.Das,  J.Roy, N.Chakrabarti, S.Basu, U.Das.

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J.Roy, S.Ghosh, S.P.Bhattacharyya.  

'Characterization of an unusual specific interaction between Aromatic cyclic cis vicinal

triketones and cyclic saturated ethers'.

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using trianthryl cryptands of varying cavity dimension'.

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J.Roy, S.Bhattacharya, S.Ghosh, D.Majumder, S.P.Bhattacharyya, S. P.    

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by electronic absorption and emission spectroscopy and computational

chemistry methods'.

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J.Roy, S.Bhattacharya, S.Mondal, S. Ghosh.

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