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Office: MEYR 245
Phone: 410-455-2549
Professional Interests
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Joel Liebman
Ph.D. Princeton University 1970; M.S. Princeton University 1968; B.S. Brooklyn College 1967

E. Taskinen, T. Alanko and J.F. Liebman, “Relative Thermodynamic Stabilities of the Isomeric Dihydrofurans and Isomeric Dihydropyrans.  An Experimental and DFT Study,” Struct. Chem., 17, 323-326 (2006).

C.A. Deakyne, A.K. Corum, H.M. Thomas and J.F. Liebman, 'The Structure and Energetics of [B, C, F, H2]: Simplicity Resulting in Diversity,' J. Fluor. Chem., 237, 1355-1367 (2006).

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A. Greer, O.R. Wauchope, N.S. Farina, P. Haberfield and J.F. Liebman, “Paradigms and Paradoxes:  Mechanisms for Possible Enhanced Biological Activity of Bilaterally Symmetrical Chemicals,” Struct. Chem., 17, 347-350 (2006).