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Office: MEYR 140C
Phone: 410-455-6741
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Christopher Geddes

As head of the Institute of Fluorescence (IOF) at the University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute (UMBI), Chris has pushed the field of plasmonics and fluorescence to new heights. In his seminal paper of 2005, “Annealed Silver-Island Films for Applications in Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence: Interpretation in Terms of Radiating Plasmons”. Chris postulated the mechanism of metal enhanced fluorescence which has been borne out over the years and enhanced to postulate in 2009 the first “Unified Plasmon Fluorophore Theory”.

 Metal-enhanced fluorescence refers to the use of metal colloids and nanoscale metallic particles in fluorescence systems. It offers researchers the opportunity to modify the basic properties of fluorophores in both near- and far-field fluorescence formats. Benefits of metal-enhanced fluorescence compared to traditional fluorescence include:
  • Increased efficiency of fluorescence emission
  • Increased detection sensitivity
  • Protect against fluorophore photobleaching
  • Applicability to almost any molecule, including both intrinsic and extrinsic chromophores