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Chemical Imaging at the Nanoscale
Intracelluar SERS Nanosensors
Nano-Photonic Properties of Novel SERS Substrates
SERS Beacons for Intracellular DNA and Messenger RNA Monitoring
Multiphoton Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Tumor Margining and Imaging
Cullum Group
Multiphoton Photoacoustic Differentiation of Tumor Tissue and a Prototype Fiber Optic Probe for Clinical Evaluation
John Evaluating the Fiber Optic Multiphoton Photoacoustic Probe
Multiphoton Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Tumor Margining and Imaging

This project focuses on the development of a unique sub-surface chemical imaging technique (i.e., multiphoton photoacoustic  spectroscopy) for the minimally invasive, sub-surface chemical imaging of tissues.  This technique is capable of providing high resolution tumor diagnosis and margining for primary brain tumors.  In addition to developing and demonstrating the technique for tumor imaging, this work also includes the development of a miniature fiber optic probe for potential clinical evaluation as well as automated diagnostic algorithms.