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Chemical Imaging at the Nanoscale
Intracelluar SERS Nanosensors
Nano-Photonic Properties of Novel SERS Substrates
SERS Beacons for Intracellular DNA and Messenger RNA Monitoring
Multiphoton Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Tumor Margining and Imaging
Cullum Group
SERS Immuno-Nanosensors for Presymptomatic Detection of Biological Warfare Agents
Honggang Celebrates Advancement to Candidacy for his Work on the SERS Immunonanosensors
Intracelluar SERS Nanosensors

This project involves the development of antibody-based surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) nanosensors for the intracellular monitoring of specific antigens (e.g., proteins, etc.).  These immuno-nanosensors are fabricated on silica nanospheres that can be positioned to specific locations inside individual cells via optical tweezers.  By employing sensors for various biochemical species these nanosensors can be used for pre-symptomatic detection of exposure to toxins or biological agents  as well as for provide a greater understanding of fundamental cellular responses to a wide array of stimuli.