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Chemical Imaging at the Nanoscale
Intracelluar SERS Nanosensors
Nano-Photonic Properties of Novel SERS Substrates
SERS Beacons for Intracellular DNA and Messenger RNA Monitoring
Multiphoton Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Tumor Margining and Imaging
Cullum Group
SERS Nanoimaging Probe
Mikella Working on the Alignment of the SERS System
Chemical Imaging at the Nanoscale

This project is aimed at developing a novel non-scanning, near-field imaging probe for the dynamic, sub-diffraction limited chemical imaging of samples (e.g., cell membranes, etc.).  These SERS nano-imaging probes will allow for high resolution chemical images to be obtained, providing unprecedented information about chemical chemical and biochemical dynamics and interactions.